Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Miserable Timing

Manmohan Singh calls on Pakistan to destroy terrorists during a visit to Indian-administered Kashmir. The timing cannot be worse.

Earlier today a car bomb ripped through Peshawar's biggest and most crowded market, Meena Bazaar. The death toll has been rising since the morning and now stands at 95 people. A building has collapsed with people reportedly trapped inside. Others have been burnt to death. Hospitals have run out of blood as they struggle to treat more than 200 injured.

I've been to Meena Bazaar several years ago. I remember it as a place with narrow streets, shops spilling over each other, people thronging the lanes browsing shop after shop full of bright fabrics. A bomb there must have wreaked havoc. The pictures are nightmarish.

Even as this tragedy unfolds, Mr. Singh has decided to lecture Pakistan. If at this time, the Indian government could not find it in itself to condole Pakistan then perhaps it would have been best for it to have stayed silent.

With Pakistanis dying horrific deaths almost daily, we are well aware of the need to destroy the terrorists. Thank you very much.

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Shayan_R said...

I just read Singh's speech in its entirety as opposed to the soundbite I had glanced at yesterday and I'd like to reconsider this post. Singh's speech was a step in the right direction and its tone and message were both positive. That it provoked such a strong response in me can be attributed to the power of the media. When I had opened yesterday the first news item was of the Peshawar blast (101 dead now) and the one immediately below it quoted Singh saying Pakistan should destroy militants. That bit of selective reporting (and reading) had me seeing red.