Friday, September 18, 2009


Dawn reports:
MIANWALI, Sept 16: A deputy district officer (revenue) made about two dozen people parade semi-naked in a busy bazaar before getting them booked for ‘violating sanctity of Ramazan’ as they were allegedly caught taking tea during fast timings.

Reports said those subjected to public humiliation were nabbed by a team led by Piplan DDOR Khadim Husain Jilani, who along with the police raided several small eateries at the railway station and at the bus-van stand.

The raid was conducted after the administration was informed that many restaurants were serving eatables during fast timings without seeking official permission.

The administration grants special permission to some eateries to serve food and tea to patients, travellers etc during fast.

According to eyewitnesses, after the violators were nabbed, they were ordered by the DDOR to remove their shirts. Then their hands were tied with their shirts and to each other and were made to parade semi-naked through busy bazaars before being taken to the police station where they were booked under the law.
I get it. Somewhere along the line some autocrat or the other passed a law banning public eating during Ramzan to appease the mullahs. But is this really necessary? These chaps have gone way beyond the call of duty, law and religion.


Nuwas Manto said...

Yeah.Now that you cant control your hunger during the fast try getting the arse of those who eat in front of you.
So in this way even the non-Muslims are fasting for atleast half the day.

Tazeen said...

yar ... just when you think that we cannot stoop lower, someone amongst us manage to surprise the rest of us Pakistanis

there is no concept of personal liberty in Pakistan

Annie said...

you know what.

I bet when this was happening, there were people who were nodding their heads, cluckin their tongues at it, yet thanking Allah that someone had gotten up and put all these non-fasting, qadiani-sorts in their place.

Such is the people. Such is this country!

Shayan_R said...

You're probably right Annie. Chalo at least we can shake our heads and cluck our disapproval online. That's gotta count for something too right?